Neighborly Club meets with Mrs. Gray, 1916

Social news from the January 13, 1916 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 10:

With Mrs. Gray.

The Neighborly Club met with Mrs. Theodore Gray last Wednesday. Roll call was answered by a New Year’s Resolution.

Mrs. Gordon Bennett read a paper. A Balanced Menu For One Day. Articles were read by Mesdames Montgomery, Hickman and Walker, on the nutritious values of oatmeal and cheese and the value of cooking in casseroles. Mrs. Ira Porter gave two beautiful selections on the piano.

The hostess provided each guest with pencil and paper and we were requested to write on one part what we will do and on the other, what we will not do. Under the first heading each guest wrote her christian name in capitals, one under the other, under the other heading the letters of her surname arranged in like manner. They then wrote as many resolutions as they had letters in their names. Each guest read their paper, and much merriment was had. The hostess served nabiscos and chocolate.

The guest list was Mesdames Merve Gray, Ray Strickler, L. D. Jordan, J. F. Patton, Frank Albright, Cora Allen, Ira Porter, Louis Garnett, A. C. Glenn and Miss Carrie Torrey.

We forgot to mention in last week’s report that we received a letter and a box of candy from Mrs. G. Mark Brown, Lawrence, Kans., and also one from Mrs. Clyde Wright, Bond, Miss., which we enjoyed very much. — Press Com.

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