Neighborly Club Learns About Budgets, 1921

Perhaps you, like the Skidmore, Missouri Neighborly Club of 1921, are considering your budget for the new year. If so, we hope you are doing so while having dainty refreshments in the company of good friends. Here’s the full report from the Skidmore News of February 3, 1921, page 1:

Neighborly Club.

The Neighborly Club met Wednesday, February 2nd at the home of Mrs. Nellie Barrett.

Roll call was answered with incidents in the life of Helen Gould. A most interesting letter from Miss Mattie Tarpley written to the Club, was then read by Mrs. Florence Hoblitzell. Miss Tarpley mentioned having visited Mrs. Dr. Lee and Mrs. Hadden who were formerly Skidmore residents. She is especially delighted at the sight of such beautiful fruit ranches and splendid vegetable gardens.

After the business of the afternoon was transacted, an interesting article on “What is a Budget and How is it Made?” was read by Mrs. Inez Loucks. Mrs. Ida Miller read an article on “Shopping Hints,” which was full of practical suggestions for the shopper.

As the program for next week takes up Drinkwater’s play “Abraham Lincoln,” Mrs. Loucks read an article on the life of Frank McGlynn, leading up to the time when he won fame as ‘Lincoln’ in the play. Mrs. Montgomery then read criticisms from various critics of the play, which will add to the interest of next week’s program.

There were eleven members present besides the hostess. Dainty refreshments were served after which the club adjourned to meet next Wednesday, February 9, at the H. W. Montgomery home, where Mrs. Amanda Hoblitzell will be hostess.

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