Neighborly Club Entertains for Easter

You could count on fine food and excellent entertainment at just about any Skidmore social event, and hostesses could usually count on a few superlatives from the local paper when it reported on those events, too.  For those planning Easter dinners, we offer the following success story from the April 8, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Entertained Neighborly Club

On last Thursday night at the beautiful home of Mrs. Gertrude Hickman the Neighborly Club and a few of their friends were entertained by Mrs. Hickman and sister, Miss Fannie Galloway.

The home was beautifully decorated with Easter rabbits and other decorations suitable for the occasion.  About half past eight the guests gathered and were soon being most loyally entertained by the hostesses and at a late hour a most palatable luncheon was served consisting of chicken sandwitches, waldorf salad, cake, fruit salad and coffee.

The score cards were also in accordance with the Easter decorations and at the top of each card was a “chick” hand colored.

After the luncheon all departed for their homes declaring Mrs. HIckman and Miss Galloway most royal hostesses.


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