Musical Entertainment, 1917

A concert review from the September 13, 1917 Skidmore News, page 1:

Musical Entertainment.

The musical program given last Thursday and Friday evenings by Mrs. Chas. Geyer’s music pupils was very good.

The program Thursday was held in the M. E. church by the advanced students.

The selections were well rendered. The second number on the progam was not given on account of the absence of Miss Hattie Linville. The program was as follows.

Piano Duet — Silberglockhen — Weyts
Meditation — Morrison — Hattie Linville
Hearts Message — Hayes — Aleyene Smith
Piano Duet, Les Ongels Roses, Wachs —  Lora Zeller, Pauline Zeller
Shower of Stars — Wachs, Voice of the Cello, Weil —– Lucile Linville
Clarinet and Piano, Silently Blending, A Perfect Day —— Erman Miller — Eula Miller
Dreaming — J. Concone —– Lora Zeller
Piano Duet, Menuet, A L’Antique — Padderewski — Lucile Linville — Aleyene Smith
Stand By The Flag, Patriotic March.

The B. Sharp Club Jr., recital was held in the Opera house Friday evening. The little ones all did their part well. The costumes were very nice and well indicated the jewels represented.

The following is the program as given:

On A Visit — Eleanor Montgomery
Hunting Song — Mary Jackson
Soldiers — Harold Monk
Bugler’s March — Howard Sauceman
Pretty Lillies — Evelyn Monk
Sign of Spring — Geraldine Strickler
Always Happy — Mildred Bailey
Dance of the Indian Maid — Mary Cross
Festive Bells — Luella Strickler
Piano Solo — Ruby Einaffs
Floating Breezes — Irma Geyer
Soldier’s March and Home Returning — Floyd Bailey
Silver Spray — Eula Miller
Blushing Roses — Artie Lee Parrish
Symphony in E Flat — Mozart

Operetta — The Isle of the Jewels
Scene 1. — The Isle of Jewels — The Royal Gems preparing to attend the birthday reception given in honor of the Princess Sapphire.
Scene 2. — Royal Cave — The Jewels arrive at the cave and the reception is in full sway when the entertainment is made interesting by the chance arrival of a common mortal.

King Diamond — Junior Skidmore
Queen Diamond — Luella Strickler
Princess Sapphire — Artie Lee Parrish
Prince Emerald — Hiram Montgomery
King’s Guard — Howard Sauceman

Chorus of Royal Gems
Opals — Eula Miller, Clara Opal Bailey.
Topaz — Margaret Hoblitzell, Eleanor Montgomery.
Turquoise — Evelyn Monk, Louise Hoblitzell.
Emerald — Mildred Bailey.
Ruby — Mary Cross, Mary Katherine Jackson.
Lord Topaz (Friend of Prince) — Floyd Bailey.
Lord Agate (A Court Favorite) — Harold Monk.
Lady Onyx (A Royal Spinster) — Irma Geyer.
Court Beauties — Turquoise, Ellanor Sewell; Pearl, Ruby Einafs; Amethyst, Geraldine Strickler.
Willie Wise (A Common Mortal) — Harold Monk.

Mrs. Geyer certainly has a right to feel proud of the result of her efforts with her pupils.

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