Music Review

The editor of the Skidmore Standard was not one to wax rhapsodic on a regular basis, but he made an exception in this music review in the Standard’s July 19, 1901 edition:

Music Has Charmes.

Last Saturday afternoon while we were doing our best to “keep cool” and at the same time trying to distribute some type, sweet strains of music floated in through the open doors and windows on our ears like the chimes of the distant spheres and a fragrance of melody so calm and placid that it stole upon our restive soul ere we were aware and carried us far down the stream of dreamland where the rippling waters beat in harmony to the raptured soul.

We were almost lost in melody of the sweet strains when we managed to rouse ourselves and go to the door and found that it was music by the Manchester Band. It was the beginning of their afternoon concert and the music they furnished was good. Considering the length of time the band has been organized, the knowledge of band music the members had at the time of organizing, it is wonderful the progress they have made.

The supper given in the evening had its usual large attendance. The net proceeds was about $20.

The business men and citizens appreciate the efforts of the band and we feel safe in saying they will give it a hearty support.

Here’s to the success of the Manchester Band.

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