Mrs. Ross Buys Household Outfit in Skidmore, 1908

Shopping news, and positive economic news for the town of Skidmore, Missouri in the November 19, 1908 Skidmore New Era (page 1, of course). The calculator we consulted said that Mrs. Ross’ $200 in 1908 would be close to $5,650 spent in Skidmore on that trip in 2020 dollars.

Bought Household Outfit in Skidmore.
Mrs. Charles Ross, recently from Buffalo, Wyoming, now living in Quitman, was in town purchasing an outfit of furniture and household goods. She bought over $200 worth.

It pays to trade in Skidmore. No city in the country offers better bargains than our merchants are giving and their well-deserved trade which they are enjoying bears witness to this fact.

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