More Subscribers, 1921

Was your ancestor on the list? From the March 3, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Renewals Still Coming In.
Renewals to the News are still coming in at a pleasing rate. There are some who have not yet renewed, though, and a few of these will be discontinued after this issue. If you want the paper, it might be well to make sure that you are not in arrears. Look at the date opposite your name.

The following have renewed since the last list was published:
Skidmore Drug Co.
L. H. Stevens, Smith Center, Kans.
C. W. Buster (new)
Sam McGinness, Quitman
Miles Cook
B. A. Bagby, Cummings, Kans.
Byron Hammond, Maitland
Matilda Sanders
James Gale
J. R. Gibbs
Charles Brown
Ed Sharp, Graham
William Taylor
Jesse McDonald
James Parshall
E. L. Carter
Josephine Reese (new)
C. W. Karr
Mrs. G. W. Devers
E. T. Duval
Floyd Barrett
Charles Pfeiffer
Roy Hitchcock
T. H. Williams
M. E. Medsker
Earl Graham
John W. Carter, Jr.
J. S. Bilby, Jr.
W. B. Ward
F. L. Haynes
Joseph Lehman
Mrs. W. T. Groves, Maitland
F. T. Russell, Kansas City
Reuben Barrett for himself; also for James H. Barrett, Dixon, S. D., and Manville Carothers, Kirksville, Mo.

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