Missouri State Fair: An Example for the World

Here’s to a fair free of crime-making institutions. From the Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), June 30, 1903, page 1:

The Missouri State Fair
An Example for the World. A Model for Others.The Kansas Farmer in an able editorial urging the elimination of gambling, fakes and immoral shows from fairs, pays the following high compliment to the Missouri State Fair:

“A clean State Fair is no iridescent dream. It is a matter of fact. It was accomplished in 1902 right here in the West and proved an educational and financial success, in spite of extremely adverse weather conditions. Missouri has set an example for the world. In spite of a most terrific wind and rain storm on the opening day, which destroyed both property and animals, and in spite of the fact that the week closed in a continued drizzle, the people came in such crowds on the one good day the fair had that all debts and premiums were paid and cash left in the treasury.
Some day Kansas will want to hold a State Fair under the management of state officials, and when this time comes we hope to see the excellent example set by Missouri adopted as a model.

The Missouri State Fair of 1902 was only her second annual state fair, yet it was given entirely without concessions for fakirs, amusements, saloons, etc., no liquor was allowed on the grounds, and intoxicated men who were disorderly were promptly ejected therefrom.

Dinner was furnished on the grounds by a church society, but no exorbitant charges were permitted. Every opportunity was given the visitor to study the exhibits and make the most of them without having his attention constantly distracted by robbery and crime-making institutions.

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