Miss Powell Injured in a Serious Runaway, 1907

We are glad to learn that Miss Powell was not badly hurt. From the October 31, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A Serious Runaway.
Excitement reigned supreme in our little city last Friday morning. The cause of this excitement was a runaway accident in which it was thought by onlookers that Miss Eva Powell would surely meet death, but from which she luckily escaped with her life, although considerably bruised.

Geo. Porter had driven a pair of colts hitched to a wagon to town and had them tied to the telephone pole in front of Manchester & Dodds’ hardware. Having finished his business in the store he untied the horses, when they became frightened and started to run. Seeing that he could not hold the team by the heads Mr. Porter grabbed the lines which were tied to the lever of the wagon brake, but was unable to stop them and when the team turned west at the corner by Millers’ restaurant he was thrown to the ground. The team ran on west past the Armstrong & Covington store and when in front of the Marlin residence they overtook Miss Powell, who was driving west in her buggy. Just as the runaways reached Miss Powell’s buggy they leaped over it dropping the front end of the wagon on the buggy and its occupant and crushing them to the ground. The Powell horse came up between the other horses and they ran from that place, three abreast, the distance of over a block and a half to the Medsker corner where they ran into a fence and a telephone pole and stopped. Miss Minta Howden rant to the horses’ heads and held them until T. L. Howden, who followed the runaways, had arrived, unhitched the tugs and raised the front wheels of the wagon when Miss Powell crawled from the wrecked buggy and with assistance walked to the Medsker residence, where she was examined hastily by Dr. Pierpoint who found that no bones were broken but that the back was badly bruised and a slight wound was inflicted on the scalp.

When the wagon was taken off the buggy it was found that scarcely a piece of that vehicle was unbroken and that the greater part was reduced to scrap iron and kindling wood.

It is indeed a mystery how Miss Powell could survive after being run down and dragged along as she was.

Miss Powell had so far recovered from her injuries Monday as to be able to resume her duties as teacher in Scrub Oak district.

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