Minta and Babe Howden Host a Slumber Party

Front-page social news from the October 22, 1908 Skidmore New Era:

Slumber Party.
The Misses Minta and Babe Howden gave a “slumber party” Monday night a week ago in honor of Miss Nell Burnett of Chanute, Kansas. Miss Burnett is the daughter of our former Nodaway county prosecuting attorney, Henry Burnett. There were seventeen young ladies invited and the evening — and nearly the whole night for that matter — was spent in making candy, eating apples and having a good time generally as a bunch of girls like that know just how to do when they take a notion. When it came time to retire — to slumber — I guess that is what they called it, the beds were made down in one long row and the girls tied their toes together so when one moved the whole row jumped and to keep 17 girls all still at one time proved a physical impossibility.

The young ladies called it a “slumber party” — whatever that means — but from the laughter and noise that went on there, the name is a misnomer, for none slept, not even the neighbors in the west part of town.

The Misses Howden are very popular entertainers and to be invited to one of their parties means a good time.

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