Memorial Day Exercises, 1921

From the Skidmore News, May 26, 1921, page 1:

Plans Under Way for Memorial Exercises
American Legion, Odd Fellows and Woodmen Will Take Part.
Plans are under way for the observance of Memorial Day, but are far from complete. The meeting called for last Friday evening was postponed until Monday on account of the High School Commencement exercises. Only a few were present at the meeting at the Legion rooms Monday evening, and no plans could be made. The program committee consisting of one representative of the Legion, one Odd Fellow and one Woodman, appointed at that time met Tuesday evening.

The Memorial address will be delivered by Rev. Hugh McClellan, at the Christian church, at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon, May 30, after which the graves will be decorated.

The plans at the present time are rather indefinite, but seem to be, in general, about as follows:

The three organizations participating in their regular meeting places — the Legion, and all other ex-soldiers, at the Legion rooms, Odd Fellows and Woodmen, at the Odd Fellows Hall — after which they will all meet at some convenient point, probably near the band stand, and march to the church. The soldiers, veterans of the Civil, Spanish American and World wars, will head the procession, and will be followed by the lodges. Special seats will be reserved for them at the church.

Exact plans for the decoration of graves have not been announced, but the Legion will probably decorate all soldiers’ graves while the fraternal orders will decorate the graves of their respective former members.

The following committees have been appointed:
Program Committee:
Forrest Weddle (Legion)
L. D. Jordan (Odd Fellow)
Geo. Patterson (Woodmen)

Flower Committees:
Legion – Chas. McDaniel, Ralph Wright, Pierre Karr, Homer Aldridge, Delavan Robbins.
Odd Fellows – G. L. Owen, H. W. Montgomery, Reubin Barrett.
Woodmen – G. W. Devers, E. P. Patterson, J. L. Teson.

Music Committee:
Mrs. Miles Cook, Miss Mary Ashbrook, Mrs. Alma Parsons.

In preparation for the Memorial exercises, the Legion requests that all ex-service men who will assist meet at the club room tomorrow (Friday) evening, promptly at 7:30 o’clock for drill.

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