Mattie Tarpley, Nodaway County Girl

Mattie Tarpley stepped in to keep things going when the menfolk would not, and it earned her the following praise from the May 26, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

A Nodaway County Girl

That women are gradually coming forward and filling the places formerly occupied by men, and discharging the duties which formerly devolved upon the sterner sex, is being demonstrated upon every hand.  There is a striking example within a short distance of our own little town.

In this case the lady has not usurped any of the men’s powers or duties, but rather taken them upon herself because the men would not.

The Centenary Church, 5 miles northeast of here, is managed almost entirely by a feminine hand.  A lady collects the quarterage – so might be termed the stewardess.  She superintends the Sunday School, is president of the Epworth league and church chorister.  The young lady who has assumed all these duties rather than see her church fail, is Miss Mattie Tarpley, and the flourishing condition of all the organizations of that church is a high testimonial to her wisdom and energy in the management of the church affairs.

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