Maryville Wonders

From the August 19, 1902 edition of the Skidmore Standard, which had just reported a short time before on the “most exciting game of the season,” comes a report of the new most exciting game of the season:

They Were Wonders to the Fillmore Boys.

The ball game here last Sunday afternoon between the “Black Wonders” of Maryville, and the Fillmore team, was the most exciting ever played on the Skidmore diamond.  The Fillmore team had been billed twice to play with the Skidmore team, but each time, for some reason or other, they failed to put in their appearance.  So last Saturday while John Ashbrook, captain of the Skidmore team, was in attendance at the game at Maitland, he matched a game with the Fillmore boys and then got the “Black Wonders” to come here and play them.

The game was called at 3 o’clock with the Fillmore boys at the stick, and the way Frank Parmer, pitcher for the Wonders, fanned them out wasn’t at all slow.  At the end of the first inning the score board showed up 3 to 0 in favor of the Wonders.  The most intense excitement prevailed all during the game and neither side quit playing until the end of the ninth inning.  Most Skidmore rooters were rooting for the Wonders to partially get even with the Fillmore boys for their not playing here, as had been advertised.

The Lewis boys, of Maitland, and Bert Garnett, of this place, played with the Fillmore team; and John Ashbrook, of this place, played with the Wonders.

At the end of the ninth inning the score board showed the Wonders to be the winners of the game, the score being Black Wonders 18, Fillmore 7.

Umpire, George Baker.  Attendance, 225.  Gate receipts, $33.00.

Sporting Editor.

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