Mary Braddy’s 81st Birthday

From the May 18, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Big Dinner

Last Saturday was the eighty-first birthday of Mary Braddy and the occasion was made one to be long held in memory, by her children.  A birthday dinner was made in her honor at the home in town of her daughter, Mrs. Etta Echors.  About thirty guests were present, most of them being near relatives.  Among whom were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McCowan and their daughters, Miss Gertrude and Mrs. Emily Faiyler of Braddyville, Iowa, and Mr. Smeet Braddy and Thomas McKennan of Axtel, Kansas.  The dinner was a bountiful one of the kind that appeals most to a hungry man.  The day was most happily spent and a family group was formed and photographed in the evening.  Mrs. Braddy received several nice presents.

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