Manners (?)

Well, that’s one way to handle things. From the “perhaps their hearts were in the right place” category, we bring you the following from the August 16, 1901 Skidmore Standard:


“Boys will be boys” is an old saying and is generally used by some good, old father, who, when he was a boy, had a good time and still takes a delight in seeing the small boys of today enjoy themselves in a boyish way.

Boys, as a rule, are considered a bad lot, and all the meanness that is done is laid at their feet. Be all this as it may they have some good traits if they are a little severe in execution.

The small boys of our town have started a new one and if the rules are strictly complied with it will prove to be a blessing even if it was gotten up and carried through by those “horrid boys.”

This is how they do it: When a young chap of our town is heard to use profane or vulgar language of any kind he is caught and beat upon the arm by his young friends until he begs for mercy and says “manners.”

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