Magnificent Methodist Church

Exciting news from the July 12, 1906 Skidmore New Era:

The new church building is the scene of great activity this week.  Carpenters, painters and other workmen are very busy and will remain busy until Saturday night when all work must be done in order that the building may be dedicated on Sunday the 15th.  The writer in company with the pastor visited the building Tuesday morning and found everybody about the place as busy as bees.

It is not necessary to give a description of this beautiful place of worship for the benefit of our home readers, for they have nearly all feasted their eyes on the beauties and conveniences of the place, but for our readers at a distance a few words will probably convey a slight knowledge of its wondrous beauty.

The building is located at the corner of Elm and Ash streets.  In constructing the walls a heavy frame of timbers was built which was encased in a veneering of pressed brick.  The accompanying cut of the building will give an idea of its commanding appearance.  The grandeur of the outside of the church is eclipsed by the fine finish that is to be found in the interior.  The wood work is of hard pine and the plastered walls and ceilings are nicely frescoed throughout the building.  The ground floor is made up of the auditorium and annex which are both furnished with highly polished pews with a seating capacity of about 450 persons.  The auditorium and annex can be thrown into one large room by rolling back the partition which is supported by two large rollers at either side of the room.

In the basement is found the Sunday School room, which is also used as a place to hold all official board meetings, Ladies’ Aid meetings and other meetings of like nature as well as for the meetings of the society for which it is named, the kitchen and library room.  Besides these rooms there is a furnace and coal room in the basement.  The Sunday School room is large and will afford plenty of room for the different classes of the school, with the exception of the Bible Class, which will recite in the Epworth League room.

Pews from the old church will be used in the Sunday School room, while chairs have been provided for the Epworth League room.

It is the purpose of the members to place shelves in the library room and fill them with good books, to which town people may have access.

As good a furnace as can be had has been installed in the furnace room.

Special mention should be made of the memorial windows that have been placed in the building, but it is not possible for the writer to describe them so that others could imagine their magnificence.  The new church must be seen to be fully appreciated.

The public will be given an opportunity to attend the first service in the building next Sunday morning when it is to be dedicated.  This is indeed a great improvement for Skidmore and we are proud of it.

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