Lucky Hunting License Number Fourteen, 1921

Front-page news from the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), February 10, 1921:

We Can’t Believe Them Both.

S. E. Browne of Hopkins, deputy game and fish commissioner, was here Thursday. He stated that H. W. Montgomery purchased a hunting license, rather than intimating that he had come here for the express purpose of seeing that Mr. Montgomery did obtain a license.

Mr. Montgomery, however, tells a somewhat different story. He admits that he bought the license, but says he did so only because Mr. Browne is so superstitious. Mr. Montgomery’s explanation of the affair is that Mr. Browne came to the bank with the information that he had disposed of thirteen licenses here, and pleading, almost in tears that Mr. Montgomery take the fourteenth in order that he might not have to stop with an unlucky number.

Mr. Montgomery states that he called the County Clerk’s office, since he felt sorry for Mr. Browne and was not sure whether or not he had already obtained his license. Upon being informed that his name was not on the records, he began to give the matter some serious consideration. Thinking that he might possibly get a cramp in his trigger finger and be compelled to go hunting, and being unwilling to be ‘pulled’ by Mr. Browne, whom he claims as a personal friend, he decided to pay the necessary fees. By so doing, he says, he set Mr. Browne’s superstitious mind at ease and that gentleman was able to proceed to Maitland Friday morning.

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