Lovers Leap

Some less-than-romantic news from the Forest City Star, as printed in the November 4, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

“Lovers Leap”

We would like to be able to publish the names of the parties who visited Lovers Leap last Sunday and became mixed up with the butt end of a Billy goat, but we promised our informers that we would not give any names.  But it is for those who love sensation to visit this historic peak of the old Missouri bluffs and look down from its summit upon the spot where two lovers agreed to die together.  The parties who visited this lovers resort were reminded of the awful leap through space by those lovers, as they returned from Lovers Leap last Sunday night.

Coming back through Riley Erickson’s pasture they became involved in a Sunday brawl with a Billy goat in which the goat won without struggle, chasing the young men and young ladies over rocks and ridges and through hedge fences.  It is said that it was a free for all getaway and that the young men forsook their sweethearts and left them at the mercy of the king of all butters.  For further evidence go and see the remnants of nice dresses hanging on Mr. Erickson’s wire fence. — Forest City Star.

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