Lora Stultz Celebrates, 1921

From the September 1, 1921 edition of the Skidmore, Missouri News, page 1:

Birthday Surprise.

Nineteen relatives and neighbors gathered at the Stultz home in the east part of town Monday, with well filled baskets and freezers of ice cream to help Miss Lora Stultz celebrate her birthday. The afternoon was spent in visiting. Music and readings were given by various members of the party. Miss Stultz has been shut in for some time with an injured foot, but will soon be able to be about again.

The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. John Stultz, Grandma Shell, Anna Shell Jones, Mrs. Ed Shell, Mrs. Kate Cottrill, Mrs. Lizzie Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. John Bodle, Mrs. Lillie Winger, Mrs. Albert Logan, Mary Hughes, Opal, Dorthea, Lois and Weyne Winger, Roland and J. R. Bodle, Donald and Genevia Logan, Mrs. R. F. Stultz and Miss Lora.

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