Linville Buys Automobile, 1908

We suppose that the purchase of a car wouldn’t make front-page news today, but it did in Skidmore, Missouri in 1908. From the May 7, 1908 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Buys Automobile.

The weather man surely has it in for W. R. Linville and his family. Last Friday morning W. J. Staples came over from Maryville in his auto and after staying here a short time returned to Maryville taking with him Aaron and Will Linville, R. B. Foster and W. H. Hill.

Along in the afternoon they all came back in a brand new twenty-two horse power, 1908 model Buick touring car that the Linville brothers had bargained for. A number availed themselves of Mr. Linville’s invitation and took short rides about town. Mr. Staples took the car back to Maryville with the promise that it would be brought back Sunday morning by an experienced man who would spend several days teaching the Messrs Linville the art of running it.

As per the promise the car came in charge of Jesse Fisher and the first lesson was given that day. But Sunday night it rained, Monday was a cloudy day and the roads remained muddy, and Mr. Fisher went home with the promise to return when the roads were dry. At the time this is being written the weather conditions are but little improved and the new car remains in shelter. Mr. Linville still drives the old brown horse.

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