Light Ahead

Skidmore had a chance to shine (so to speak) in 1915, thanks to the Mound City Electric Light and Ice Company.  From the front page of the March 4, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Light Ahead
Mound City Electric Light and Ice Co. Will Build Here

The people of Skidmore have prayed long and faithfully for electric light and it seems now as though our prayers are in a fair way to be answered.

Dr. E. M. Miller President of the Mound City Electric Light and Ice Co. was in Skidmore last week talking with our business men regarding the extension of their line here.  The company already light several towns besides Mound City and the extension of the line here will be a continuation of the Maitland Graham line.

As far as we know the company is giving good service to the towns which it now reaches and is well equipped to take care of the towns up this way.

Dr. Miller said while his company was not wanting any subscription or bonus to come here they did ask the people to advance about $4,000 which the company agreed to pay back, at 6 per cent interest within three years.

A twenty years franchise will be asked of the city, also a ten year contract for street lighting.  A twenty-four hour service, excepting Sunday is promised.  The above are the essential points of the proposition as submitted by Dr. Miller.

The city council met Monday evening and the light proposition was quite thoroughly discussed but no action was taken to submit the question to the voters but it is very probable that it will soon be up to the people to decide.  This is the best proposition that has been offered for electric light and there is no use putting off taking advantage of it.

Now every body talk and work for electric lights and it will be a sure go.

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