Letters Home: Reuben Hall in Newport News

From the March 14, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

From Newport News.

Camp Stewart, Va.

Dear Friends:

Will write a line or two this evening as I hav’nt anything to do.

Well, we left Funston last Wednesday, about three o’clock, and arrived at Camp Stewart Sunday morning about eleven o’clock.

We sure had a fine time coming down.  We came through ten states.  Camp Stewart is located on Chesapeake Bay.  Our bunch was lucky enough to get in a barracks that is just about fifty yards from the shore.  We can see the ships out on the bay, going from the docks to the sea.  New York is just on the other side of the bay (that is, east).  Newport News is on the west and New Hampton is on the north.

We were taken off the train three times coming down.  The first place was Mountain Grove, Missouri, where we marched around the town for about an hour.  The people there had a truck load of apples and drove down along the column and pitched them out to us.  They really needed a truck load for there was thirteen cars of us.  The next place we stopped was Heflin, Alabama.  We crossed the Mississippi river at Memphis, Tennessee.  We also went through Atlanta, Georgia.  It was dark when we went through there and I didn’t get to see much of the town.

We passed through several big cotton fields and I saw several large apple orchards through Arkansas, but I never saw any place that I thought was as good as northwest Missouri, all the way through.  The next place we got off was Greenville, South Carolina.  That was a nice looking City.

The states we came through were Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

I was in the National army when I was at Funston, but I am in the regulars now.  I think I will like it better here than I did at Funston.  Harvey Hughes and I are in the same company.

I don’t know just how long we will stay here.  We are quarantined for two weeks and I expect when that two weeks is up we will take another little trip.

I counted six airoplanes sailing around here at one time today.

Yours truly, Reuben A. Hall, Co. L, 4th Infantry, Camp Stewart, Newport News, Va.


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