Letters Home: Oppie Ross at Camp Landrum

From the June 20, 1918 Skidmore News, page 4:

From Camp Landrum.

Camp Landrum, 6-14-18.
The Skidmore News,
Dear Friends: —

I will endeavor to write your little paper once more — although it is the biggest one on earth to me.

We are some 500 miles farther east and north in the Blue Ridge mountains, at a machine gun target range.

We will leave here, Sunday, for Camp Wadsworth, 35 miles away. We expect to go in to that camp in one day with a 48 pound pack. We came out in a day and a half, but it was up hill all the way.

We expect to go across between now and the tenth of July; we will leave the 20th for Camp Merritt, N.J.

I had a letter from my brother, Wade, who is in France. He seemed to like it fine over there. He is in the automatic rifle squad.

Eliza Hise, the girl that was shot at our house about six years ago, is now in France in the Secret Service, drawing $150 a month.

I had a letter from Mother and she said she received from all four of us boys, who are in the army, all the same day. There is one at Waco, Texas, one at Fort Brady, Michigan, and one in France, while I am here in South Carolina.

I think we should be proud to think that our folks have four sons to fight for them. R. A. tried to enlist, but he was turned down.

This is a sandy country and the sand blows some day s’till we can harldy see, but it is fine weather here now.

Carl Helms is condemned for foreign service, but will be put on recruiting service.

I left old Quitman 10 months ago today.

Wade said in his letter that Harry Bailey had been wounded over there.

Well, I expect I had better close.

Your friend,
Wagoner Oppie H. Ross,
6th Div. Regulars, Hdqs. 17th M. G. Ba., Camp Wadsworth, Spartansburg, South Carolina.

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