Letters Home: Marion Owens Writes from France

From the April 18, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Owens Writes From France.

When Charlie Owens emerged from the post office Tuesday morning his face beamed with joy for he had just received on the morning mail three letters that had been written across teh sea in France by Marion Owens (his chums here would call him “brother”) who recently arrived on the “other side” and is now at Brest, France, with a part of the big band with which he received training at the Great Lakes Training Station.

Among other things he tells of being quartered in an old chateau, part of which was built before Christ came into the world, and was at one time occupied as a home by the great Napoleon. The civilians there wear wooden shoes and “Brother” says “it sounds like a lot of horses coming down the street.”

Since arriving in France on March 18th, Marion has quit shaving his upper lip and it is presumed is considerably changed in appearance.

Mail will reach Mr. Owens if it is addressed to M. C. Owens, U. S. S. Carola IV, care Postmaster New York.

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