Letters Home: Jim Parrish at Sea, 1918

The Skidmore News printed many letters to the editor from the town’s soldier and sailor boys. The network expanded when friends and family members brought in letters of interest, as we see in this note from the April 25, 1918 edition, page 4:

Parrish Writes to his Grand Parents

S. S. Deepwater, 800 Lexington B’ld g.
Baltimore, Maryland, April 19, 1918.
Dear Grand-parents:–

I will write you a few lines to let you know that I am back to the dear old U. S. A. once more but for only a few days and then I will be gone again. We have to keep on the go in order to win the war.

I would like to see you and all my friends, but I guess we will have to fight the battle first. As long as I am needed I will be Johnny on the spot, for I realize what is going on.

My friends here say that I am the very picture of health. I am as brown as an Indian is borwn, but the worst is yet to come on this next trip for it will be a hot one at sea. I will only wear my thin summer shirt, and go bareheaded.

The petty officer in charge of me is a fine fellow. He is a first-class gunners mate. He tells me every day that by the time my four years are up there would not be enough money to keep me out of the navy. He is some fine fellow. I stand my watch at sea with him and one couldnever get the blues for he keeps you laughing from morning till night. He has had twelve years service in the navy an four in the army. Don’t think that I have the blues for I am happy as a lark all the time. I guess the fresh air is what I have needed for a long time.

Good by. Answer soon.
Your boy,

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