Letters Home: Jesse Barrett

Skidmore’s boys were faithful letter writers, and the Skidmore News was faithful in printing them.  Not too many of the letters were this joyful, but it is nice to see one that is.  from the February 21, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

From Jesse Barrett.

San Diego, Calif., Feb. 12th, 1918.

Dear Daddy and Mother: —

I just have to write tonight, and tell you I was put in full charge of the shop.  The amusement fund man told me just to run it like I owned it and he would stand behind me in anything I did.  So you see I am just a little swelled up.  I can have anyone I want and run it to suit myself.

We are doing a lot of work, today I turned in $84.00 and we have more to do tomorrow than we can handle.

I have no news to write so will close.

Lovingly, Jesse.

Mr. Conover said: “Buck will run it to suit you and you can bank on that for I have known him before.”  Rather nice of him don’t you think?


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