Letters Home: J. H. Tyson

From the October 18, 1917 Skidmore News:

From J. H. Tyson

Camp Doniphan, Oct. 10, 1917
The Editor of Skidmore News
Dear Sir and Friend: —

I received your paper last Sunday and was more than glad to get it.  It was almost as good as seeing a friend from home.

Suppose the world is going as usual with the people at home.  Camp life is moving along with its old regularity.  We get up the same time every morning, go to bed the same time every evening, drill the same number of hours every week and receive the same pay each month.

Suppose Jack Frost has visited with you before this time.  He hasn’t been around here yet, but look for him any time.  Was cold enough to freeze ice last Saturday and Sunday, at least it seemed to us that cold, but it has warmed up now.

A trip to this army camp would be worth while to any “America First” citizen.  There are now about twenty thousand men here, and besides the sight of seeing great numbers of them drill, you can see the airships, the observation balloon and numerous other interesting sights.  It is useless for one to try to describe what a person who has never seen an army, can see and it will all be new to them. We have lots of visitors from all parts of the states of Kansas and Missouri.

How long we will be here I have no idea, we may stay until spring or we may leave before winter sets in.

I saw in the paper that a Sewell boy was with the engineers.  I never knew him while at home, but the first time that I have a chance am going to see him as I expect we have many mutual friends and it sure is good to see someone from home.

Thanking you for your paper and wishing to be remembered to all of my friends at home, I am,

Sincerely yours,
Corp. J. H. Tyson
Co. L. 139th Inf., Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

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