Letters Home: Henry R. Lee at Camp Funston

From the October 18, 1917 Skidmore News, page 5:

From Henry R. Lee.

Camp Funston, Kans., Oct. 8, 1917.

Dear Sir, I promised so many to write to them, but found that an impossibility, so will let all my friends know through the Skidmore News that we are still on the map.

Camp Funston is sure a real town, only 48,000 soldiers up to date. Uncle Sam has 22,000 acres for us to drill over. The Skidmore boys have only been over a part of it. A two mile hike has been the longest we have ever taken.

There were five of the boys that got to stay together, isn’t quite so lonesome as being among perfect strangers. Albert Linville and I bunk together. We have to double up in order to keep warm as the nights are sure chilly. We have been issued all of our bed clothing. Haven’t got our coats and overcoats yet.

There is nearly everything a person can think of for pastime. They are building a store and moving picture show for every regiment and there are eight regiments in all.

The Y. M. C. A. is doing good work here. They issue all of our stationery free. Have plenty of literature and music to cheer us up.

Well it is nearly time to turn in as they turn all lights out at 9:30 o’clock, so had better ring off. Will try and answer all letters I receive.

As ever,
Private Henry R. Lee.
Co. I 356 Inf., Camp Funston, Kans.

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