Letters Home: Forrest Weddle Predicts When the War Will End

The Skidmore News printed the following bit of political poetry from local soldier Forrest Weddle on page 6 of its January 24, 1918 edition:

From Forrest Weddle

Charleston, S. C., Jan. 17, 1918.

To the News and Friends:

As I haven’t written for some time I thot I would write a few lines and give you some dope on when the war will end.

Absolute knowledge have I none,
But my aunt’s washerwoman’s sister’s son
Heard a police on his beat
Say to a laborer on the street,
That he had a letter just last week,
Written in the finest Greek,
From a Chinese coolie in Timbuctoo,
Who said the negroes in Cuba knew
Of a colored man in a Texas town,
Who got it straight from a circus clown
That a man in Klondike heard the news
From a gang of South American Jews,
About somebody in Borneo
Who heard a man who claimed to know
Of a swell society female fake
Whose mother-in-law will undertake
To prove that her seventh husband’s sister’s neice
Has stated in a printed piece
That she has a son who has a friend
Who knows when the war is going to end.

This is as near as I can tell when it will be over, but I hope it will be soon.  I haven’t much to say only that I am still here and haven’t any prospects of leaving.  We are sure having a lovely winter.  This climate is well adapted for winter quarters. There is probably less sickness here than in any of the southern camps.

I get the News every week and I think it one of the best papers in circulation.

Yours truly,
Forrest J. Weddle
B.S., 2c. V. S. N., T. C. Co. 7 Sec. 1 Rec. 1, Charleston, S. C.

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