Letters Home: Bert Garnett on the Red Cross

From the May 23, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Red Cross Notes.

Give, give, give to the Red Cross! It will enable the greatest and most efficient organization for the relief of suffering to keep up the fighting spirit of allies by providing for their families, it will provide food, hot drinks and comforts when OUR BOYS and OUR BROTHERS in arms need them most.

In a letter from Bert Garnett he tells of the Red Cross work in Washington, D. C. as follows: “There were lots of troops going through here last night. Some of us boys went over to the Red Cross to see if we could see anybody we knew and the Red Cross ladies were so busy they put us to work. There were a good many more troops went through than they were looking for.

“This Red Cross is situated on the railroad just outside of our camp. While I was there they cut up five baskets of bread. These were baskets like bakers ship bread in so you see they sure have to work. These ladies work in shifts and this Red Cross is open all the time, day and night. The ladies work three days a week, all work is donated. There must have been about 5,000 soldiers who went through here last night. They had coffee and sandwiches for all of these and no telling how many more had gone through during the day. I cut three baskets of bread myself. My wrist was sure tired before I got through. The ladies told em they didn’t seem tired until they got home and sat down, then they could hardly move, they were so tired.

“The Red Cross has a restaurant down in town where they feed soldiers and sailors and just aim to get what the food costs. In connection with this restaurant they have a rest room and writing room with pool tables, pianos and victrolas.

“The meals the ladies serve at the railroad Red Cross is free.

“The Red Cross work is sure a great work. They have several other rest rooms located in different parts of the city.”

Beginning on Monday afternoon, May 27th we will hold a school of instruction in Skidmore at the Red Cross rooms. There will be ladies from all the auxiliaries in Monroe township. All the dressings used in Red Cross work will be taught and certificates issued to those finishing the course, thus enabling you to teach a class of workers. The work will begin promptly at 2:00 o’clock and close at 4:30, continuing from Monday until Thursday.

Every dollar contributed for relief in Red Cross work goes for relief.

The interest which accrues from the banking of funds has made available for war relief one dollar and two cents out of every dollar contributed.

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