Letters Home: Ben Lindsey

From the March 14, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

From Our Pacific Possession.

Schofield, Hawaii, February 24, 1918.

Skidmore News:

I take pleasure in writing you a short letter to thank you for the best little paper I know of — the Skidmore News.  As I just found out who sent it through a letter from my sister, Mrs. Campbell.  I didn’t know what a good thing I was missing until I received it, and enjoy reading it so much that I will try and keep it on file hereafter.  I especially enjoy the letters from other boys in the service that appear in the News, as some of the names are familiar to me, and bring to me memories of the dear old days when I too claimed that part of the country as my old stamping ground.

This is a beautiful place and an ideal place to soldier, owing to the evenly tempered climate.  It is known as the Paradise of the Pacific, but to hear some of these homesick soldiers talk one would think it was just the opposite.

Uncle Sam is represented here by some splendid troops of infantry, and I am sure we all will give a good account of ourselves when we get over there, which we hope will be very soon.

So again thanking you for the News and promising to subscribe for it at an early date I will close.

Yours truly, Ben H. Lindsey.  Co. E. 1st Inf. Schofield, Hawaii.


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