Let’s Not Give Up

The ladies of Skidmore’s Red Cross had faced hardship before.  They had made sacrifices.   They were committed.  Still, sometimes a pep talk is needed, especially when you’ve been knitting for three years straight and you have another 300 pounds of yarn to go.  From the April 10, 1919 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Let’s Not Give Up.

The Monroe Township Branch of the Red Cross has something like 300 pounds of yarn that is supposed to be knit into children’s stockings and sweaters.  It has been here about a week and it is not being taken out very fast by knitters.

Some think that if the yarn is furnished to the war stricken people they should do the knitting themselves.

Now let’s put ourselves in their position and see what we think.  Suppose we had our home destroyed, our husband and sons killed, our mammas dead, nothing to do with , very little to eat and see if we would not have a whole lot to do.

God made us all, so we are all human beings, if we can help our fellow-man, is not it one of the supreme commandments laid down to follow?

This is the critical time, a time when a neighborly act will be of great assistance, so let’s try and do something even if that something be little.

We are all busy, all energetic people are busy, but let’s keep up the Red Cross spirit in times of need and remember that the little things are what count.

Could we stand in a world of plenty, where comfort is supreme and see our neighbor’s children suffer?

You be the judge.


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