Let Me Shoe Your Reindeer

Each year, the Skidmore New Era invited children to send their letters to Santa for publication in the newspaper.  The Christmas 1915 edition was no exception, but its editors wanted more.  They expanded their coverage and voiced the holiday wishes of Skidmore merchants (or perhaps those merchants’ inner children), too.

Wants a Gun
Dear Santa, I am a little boy about forty-five years old and have white hair.  I would like for you to bring me a little shot gun for Christmas, one that I can get quick aim with.  I don’t care if it has two sights on it, one with which I can break 30 bluerocks out of 25 shots.  Don’t bring the boys who have been laughing at me anything at all.
Your little boy,
George Manchester

Forget to Sign His Letter
Santa Claus, Don’t forget to bring me a bushel of orders, for seed time will soon be here.
Your friend as ever.
P.S. My sakes! I forgot to sign my name and Santa won’t know where to leave them.
S. C. remember me.
P.S. Have dispensed with “Dear” so and so and other conventional amenities – unless audibly delivered – as I do not want to misuse my typewriter.

Tobacco And A Se-gar
Dear Santa, I ham a little man nigh on to thirty-free, please bring me some chawing bacco and a se gar or two.
Your sweet little boy, Harry Hoblitzell

Be Good to Other People
Dear Old Santa:  I don’t care if you don’t bring me a thing, but I hope you will be very liberal toward other people and give them big gifts such as houses, barns and fences, provided I can sell them the material to build them with.
Your Friend,
J. O. Miller

Have Your Picture Took, Santa
Dear Santa, Please come to my studio and have your picture took.
Geo. Ashbrook

Not A Believer
Dear Santa Claus I am a little boy about thirtyfive years old.  I am not a very strong believer in Santa and his presents, but as it is the time of year you make visits and presents, why, I will try to be satisfied with anything you care to bring me, but don’t forget my little partner George.
Your boy,
Andrew Dodds

Wants to Find Something
Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me a high power microscope.  I would like to find the Progressive party.
R. A. Walker

Democratic Prosperity
Dear Santa Claus, I don’t believe I want anything special only a continuation of democratic prosperity.
W. R. Linville

Let Me Shoe Your Reindeer, Santa
Dear Santa, I am a blacksmith and my boy is to.  Please give the boys who drive horses and mules, roads that are pretty slick so we can get a job putting shoes on their driving teams.
J. W. Weddle & Son

Wants a Hobby
Dear Santa, As I haven’t a hobby won’t you please bring me one?  I don’t care whether it has fins, feathers or wheels just so it is some kind of hobby.
Frank Barrett

Believes in Advertising
Dear Santa I am quite sure your whiskers need trimming and I think you need a hair cut, and a tonic.  Remember where my barber shop is, right by the side of Dr. Pierpoint’s big store.
Frankie Manchester

Wants to Help
Dear Santa I would like to help trim your whiskers or help give you a hair cut, you know my shop is right by Geo. Patterson’s restaurant.
Art Hill

Wants to Make Sweet Music
Dear Santa, Please bring me a candy fiddle so I can play sweet strains of music to our patrons.
Ham Bramble

Wants the Calaboose Righted
Dear Santa Claus, As you come by I wish you would hitch on to the calaboose and turn it right side up.
Mr. Mayor

Several Things Wanted
Dear Santa, I would .like to have a gun and a rope with a sled to it and a dog with a ring in his nose – no, for he’d be a pig then – but a ring around his neck and if you have time to stop I’ll demonstrate the nicest little car you ever saw.
Mark Loucks

Wants A One Lunger
Dear Santa, Will you please bring us a one wheel auto with one lung and a glass eye in the middle.
Beverlin & Strickler

A Million Depositors
Dear Santa Claus I haven’t any very urgent favor to ask but if you can shew around to us a million depositors we will try and take care of them.
H. W. Montgomery

Can Pull Him Through
Dear Santa Claus, If you get stuck in a mudhole, snowdrift or cloud, just phone me and I will help you through.
Clarence Sharp

Wants a Ton of Peanuts
Dear Santa Claus, I have been a mighty good boy and I wish you would bring me a ton of peanuts and a dozen toothpicks.
G. L. Owen

Want Tin Horses
Dear Santa, Please bring us a flock of tin horses with black manes and tails.
Linville and Garnett.

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