Lemonade for the Rebekahs, 1908

From the June 4, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Gave Supper for Rebekahs.
Just after the Rebekahs had closed lodge last Thursday night quite a number of Odd Fellows came into the lodge room bearing tables, table cloths, cakes, bananas, oranges, ice cream and lemonade and asked the members of the Rebekah lodge to be seated and partake of what was set before them. The Rebekahs were not slow in complying and all ate until they were satisfied. After supper the tables were cleared away and the Rebekahs and Odd Fellows made merry at innocent games until after one o’clock when more cream was dished up and serve to those who wished it. Then all left the hall tired, but feeling that they had spent a very pleasant evening.

The crowd that attended this gathering was surely hungry, as it was found after all had been satisfied that about seven gallons of ice cream, several cakes, a big bunch of bananas, almost a box of oranges and about five gallons of lemonade had been consumed.

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