Last Game of the Season, 1907

From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), March 7, 1907, page 1:

The Last Game.

The last game of basket ball for this season was played at Rodman’s hall last Friday evening.

The attendance was light on account of the extremely bad condition of the roads, but the players were there and both the boys’ and girls’ teams fought hard to win the last game.

In the girls’ game Miss Cecil Saunders was so unfortunate as to sprain one of her ankles quite badly and as a consequence she will be deprived of the use of the injured member for some time.

In this game the line-up of the two girls’ teams was almost the same as in the game played two weeks before, the only exception being that Miss Esther Loucks took Miss Bess Strickler’s place on the side wearing the white waists.

As in the other game the blue waists won. This time the score was 24 to 16 in their favor.

In the boys’ game the teams lined up as follows: Cottril, Barrett, Horn, Holderman and H. Worl on one side and E. Ward, M. Worl, Gray, Littler and Strickler on the other. The game was won by the first named team by a score of 19 to 16.

These games were among the best played in Rodman’s hall this winter, and those who did not attend missed something.

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