L. J. Pope Will Filed, 1908

Estate news from the October 22, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

L. J. Pope Will Filed in Probate Court.
The will of L. J. Pope of Skidmore, who died September 13, was filed for probate Wednesday. Mrs. Sarah E. Pope, widow of the testator, is named as executrix of the will. She is, by terms of the instrument, to receive 100 acres of land in the home farm near Skidmore. This, on her death, is to pass to her two sons, Charles and James Pope. Four hundred acres of land in Madison county, Nebr., is divided between these two sons, and Mrs. Bertha Osborn, Mrs. Rosa Teson, Mrs. Martha Pope, Harvey and Jasper Pope, children of the deceased. The will also provides that Mrs. Pope is to pay Charles and Jasper Pope the sum of $200 each annually from the proceeds of the farm which is left her in fee, and that she shall bear the funeral expenses of Matthias Holmes at the latter’s death. — Daily Tribune.

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