Kissinger Brothers for Plants, 1921

It’s time to think about our gardens, again. If we were in Skidmore, Missouri in 1921, we could buy our plants from Kissinger Bros. of Maryville, as we see in the May 5, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News.

Advertisement reads, "Vegetable plants for sale.  Cabbage and tomatoes, 15 cents per dozen, $1 per 100.  Peppers and cauliflower, 25 cents per dozen, $1.50 per 100.  Asters 40 cents per dozen.  Pansies 50 cents per dozen.  Sweet potatoes - Nancy Hall, Yellow Jerseys, 75 cents per 100 -- $7.00 per 1000.  All plants packed in moss and post-paid.  P. O. Box 143, Parcel Post paid.  Kissinger Bros., phone 3483, Maryville, Mo."
Ad for Kissinger Bros. of Maryville, Missouri, Skidmore News, May 5, 1921, p. 5

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