King’s Daughters Dine at Mrs. Loucks’

Social news from the May 15, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Mrs. Pete Loucks, president of the King’s Daughters Class of the Christian church invited the class to spend the day at her home Wednesday. Well, the weather looked rather unfavorable, but Leslie Dawson was there with his truck to take us, so away we went. As we were going through the river bottom we noticed an old couple ahead that seemed to have great difficulty in walking along, and as the King’s Daughters are noted for their noble acts, we told the driver to stop and asked them to ride. They were very glad of the opportunity, and they consented to spend the day at Mrs. Loucks’ too.

As to the dinner, there was everything to eat that a person could imagine. There were cakes, pies, chicken, dressing , baked beans, salads of all kinds, and preserves. Everyone certainly had a fine time.

The regular class meeting was held in the afternoon, after which we listened to some readings by Mrs. Loucks, Mrs. Shell and Erma Floy Loucks.

Those present were: Mrs. McClellan, Mrs. Ray Strickler, Mrs. Ernest Dawson, Mrs. Charley Hitchcock, Mrs. Ed Shell, Mrs. John Doval, Mrs. Everett Iddings, Mrs. Gordon Bennett, Mrs. Will Fullerton, Mrs. Geo. Patterson, Mrs. Roy Hickerson, Mrs. Mervyn Gray, Mrs. Floyd Shell, Mrs. J. A. Hill, Mrs. E. M. Mitchell, Mrs. Pete Loucks, Miss Daisy Dawson, Miss Edith Porter, Miss Fannie Galloway, Maxine and Ina Claire Shell, Erma Floy and Genevive Loucks, Douglas Hill, and Eva Frances Iddings.

The next meeting will be with Mrs. Will Fullerton on the second Tuesday in June.

One who was there.

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