Junior Skidmore’s Party

From the June 1, 1916 Skidmore News:

A Merry Party

The fore part of last week invitations were sent to the school room mates of Junior Skidmore requesting them to “Come to my party,” which was to be Saturday, May 27, 1916, from 3 to 5.  The party was given rather as a birthday party, but Junior beat the boys just a little, as his birthday was the day before, so they could not “pound him twelve times and once to grow on.”

The trouble commenced at 3 o’clock sharp, as the small boy nearly always gets a little ahead of promptness when he is going to a party where he thinks he will have lots of fun.  And the little girls came, also, and some of them were a second or so late for fear they might appear too forward if they were ahead of time.

Mmes. D. R. Baker of Maryville, Will Mitchell and James Weddle, Jr., assisted Mrs. W. J. Skidmore in corralling the boys as well as entertaining the girls.  The following little folks were present: Misses Margaret Louise Hosmer of Maryville, Eula Miller, Hope Manchester, Alice Barrett, Sylvia Russell, Helen Fullerton, Pauline Rodman, Iona Devers, Mabel and marie Fargo, Geraldine Strickler, Leona Sewell, Elenor Sewell, Artie Parrish, Letha Newton, Ethel Lyle, and the boys were Franklin and Wilson Campbell of Maitland, Richard Baker of Maryville, Roy Horn, Earl King, Adrain Hoblitzell, Clarence King, Jake Early, Eddy Gilliland, Dean Sauceman, Glenn Stevens, Homer Beverlin, Floyd and Earl Puett, Junior Skidmore.

Among the other guests who enjoyed seeing the boys and girls make merry were Mrs. R. A. Skidmore, who keeps tab on her grandchildren’s birthdays and presents them with a check, the amount of which is one dollar for each year in age; Misses Helen Baker and Mildred Shinnaber of Maryville and Florence Foster, while Masters Dean and Donald Weddle were as contented and happy as anybody.

Refreshments were served at 5 o’clock after which they began to disperse, the girls thinking it was “just so lovely,” while the boys thought they had a “bully time,” especially when they were spooning with ice cream and cake.

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