July 4 Troublemakers Return – With a Lawyer

You tell ’em, Mr. Mayor.  A follow-up to the Fourth of July events appeared in the July 13, 1900 edition of the Standard:

Wanted Their Money Returned.

Those two young men from Maryville who were fined in Skidmore the Fourth for discharging a revolver were in town again last Friday with a lawyer asking for the return of their money.

Because it was the 4th of July they thought they had a right to celebrate by discharging their firearms, and they brought their lawyer along to carry out their bluff.  But Mayor Stults was equal to the occasion – and the lawyer too.  He told the young gentlemen they would better go home and be good or he would take the trouble to see if they couldn’t be made to pay a fine of fifty dollars for carrying concealed weapons. The argument was forceful and to the point so the trio gladly dropped the matter and returned to Maryville.

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