Jordan, Thomas & Co. – The Children’s Store, 1908

Wondering where Santa shopped in 1908? Jordan, Thomas and Company of Skidmore, Missouri put in a vote for themselves in the December 17, 1908 Skidmore New Era:

Ad for Jordan, Thomas & Co. of Skidmore, Missouri, "Santa's Headquarters," in December 1908. Text follows.
Skidmore New Era, Dec. 17, 1908, p. 2.

Advertisement for Jordan, Thomas & Co. of Skidmore, Missouri in December 1908 reads, “Santa’s Headquarters – Bring the Children In! Christmas is the children’s time. This is the children’s store. Half the joy of the season, for the little ones, is in seeing what ‘Old Santa’ has made for them. he has made many wonderful things this year and the children will enjoy seeing them at our store. We hold ‘open house’ for the little ones, from now till December 25th. Bring them in. A few suggestions for suitable presents: rockers, rugs, couches, silverware, pocket knives, carvers, dressers, asbestos irons, savory roasters (enameled and plain). No where can you find a better selection of gifts for your family and friends. And why not something for the home — a warm, thick rug, or some handsome furniture. A lean pocketbook goes just as far here as a fat one in the other stores, and our store is just as full of sensible gifts for everyone. Give something worth while this year, don’t waste your money on trash. Here is the place to secure sure-enough gifts. Come in! We can please you. Jordan, Thomas & Co. Skidmore, Missouri.”

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