Jokers or Thieves

Crime report from the July 20, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

The Act of Jokers or Thieves.

One night, the latter part of last week, some parties removed the rear wheels from W. R. Kennedy’s spring wagon and put on in their stead some old and comparatively worthless wheels.

Billy doesn’t know whether it is a joke of some friends, or a theft.  If it is only a joke, he would like to have his good wheels returned, as he intends to begin working for his Uncle Samuel as mail carrier on Skidmore rural mail route number 3, in the near future.  By right of his expected position, he feels that he has his dignity to sustain, and does not therefore want to be trifled with.

As a trader, Billy is right in the ring; but when a deal is made in which he is interested, he desires to be either party of the first part, or party of the second part.

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