Jim Parshall’s Seed Incubator

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Uncle Jim Parshall was the father of this innovative gardening technique. From the Skidmore Standard, May 19, 1903:

A Seed Incubator.

Uncle Jim Parshall has discovered another way in which our old friend, the hen, can be made to serve us.  Uncle Jim is quite a gardener and figured out that if he could sprout the seeds before planting he would be able to gain time.  So he takes the seed, moistens them, ties them up in a cloth and puts them under a setting hen, in the morning he finds his seeds all nicely sprouted and ready for planting.

You can’t find anything that will beat the Missouri hen as a money maker, but this is the first time we have ever heard of her as assisting in garden raising — it is generally complained that she is at war with all gardens.


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