Jacob A. Funk is Alive, 1908

“To say that Skidmore people were surprised last Wednesday is putting it mildly.” Here’s the story from the January 16, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Was Thought Dead, But is Alive.

To say that Skidmore people were surprised last Wednesday is putting it mildly.

The cause of this surprise was the arrival in our little city of Jacob A. Funk, who it was thought had been dead several years.

The last seen of Jake Funk, previous to last Wednesday, was one morning in the early part of April, 1894, when he drove away for the purpose, so it was believed, of going to Atchison county to procure seed potatoes for himself and some of his neighbors.

These neighbors and his family waited in vain for his return.

Some time later a skeleton was found hanging to a bush on the bank of a creek some six miles west of town. A cut on the finger nail very similar to one on Mr. Funk’s finger, and bits of clothing much like that worn by Mr. Funk when he left led his father and others to believe this to be the remains of Jacob Funk, and that he had come to his death by foul means.

Two years after his disappearance, his wife sued for, and was granted a divorce. She has since been married to Jas. R. Gibbs.

On his arrival here, Mr. Funk met several old neighbors who, as has been said before, were much surprised to see him.

He took supper with Stratford Saundrs and while there told Mr. Saunders that he had been at Brunswick, this state, and at points in Illinois and Iowa. For several years Mr. Funk has made his home near Leon, Iowa, where he had employment on a fine stock farm. While at Leon, Mr. Clark, who is now with the firm of Armstrong & Covington, sold many dollars worth of goods to Mr. Funk.

Leaving here the same evening he came, Mr. Funk went to Maryville to see a sister, Mrs. D. S. Holmes.

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