J. T. Hays Injured, 1922

From the July 20, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

J. T. Hays Injured.
Was Driving Over Farm in Car When Accident Occurred.

J. T. Hays of Maryville, who has been visiting for several days at the old home place, Burr Oak Grove, with his daughter, Mrs. W. A. Argo, suffered a very painful accident Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hays, Mr. Argo and Mr. Appleman were driving over the farm, inspecting the crops. As they drove through the alfalfa field, one front wheel of the car broke through the ground into an underground ditch about four feet deep, throwing all three of the men out. Mr. Hays suffered a broken rib, and numerous bruises. Dr. Manning was called immediately, and at the last report Mr. Hays was getting along nicely. Neither Mr. Argo nor Mr. Appleman was seriously injured.

Nearly two years ago Mr. Hays fell, breaking his hip, and has been able to walk only with the aid of crutches since that time.

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