J. Suetterlin Entertains

August seems a fine time for a watermelon festival like the one reported in the August 13, 1914 Skidmore New Era:

Last Friday evening J. Suetterlin and family entertained the Sunday school of the M. E. Church at a water melon festival.

On Sunday at Sunday school Bro. Suetterlin informed the school that he would store away lots of good juicy melons and asked the school to come and make further storage of them. After this invitation it was hard for the Superintendent to keep order. The older ones as well as the young ones brightened up as they have not brightened in the closing of the school for some time.

We all lived in expectancy for a few days. Friday evening came cool, the moon reflecting the light of God’s sun, the stars twinkling in a clear blue sky and insects breaking into the stillness of dark with their buzzing noise. M. P. Horn took his wagon and hay frame and J. H. Argo provided a wagon which with automobiles, surreys, buggies, and whatever else we might ride in at this season of the year all made way to the Suetterlin home, two and one half miles east of Skidmore.

Everybody, even to the men were in glee.

Seats were provided in the yard. The older folks had their usual enjoyment in the east part of the yard while the younger, and some still younger such as Bro. Suetterlin and Argo enjoyed themselves at games in the north part of the yard.

For some time there was much playing and talking when Suetterlin got to work and began toting melons from the cellar. HIs good wife with several helpers served the waiting crowd.

The waiters cut and the crowd ate until they had consumed 51 good ripe melons; all but seed and rind. Over 100 were present.

After all this good times they all bade “Jake” raise another good patch of melons next year and went away much fuller than when they arrived.

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