It Pays to Advertise

The Skidmore Standard often urged local businessmen to support the local paper and support themselves by advertising in the Standard.  In the January 22, 1904 edition, the editor decided it was time to ramp up advertising for the paper itself:

Skidmore Semi-Weekly Standard.  Published Every Tuesday and Friday.  104 of The Best Local Newspapers in the County for 100 cents.  Our Job Department is Complete and we Solicit your Patronage.  Neat and attractive Job Work a Specialty.  Every Merchant who advertises does not necessarily get rich, but no merchant gets rich who does not advertise.  So advertise in the Standard.  Patronize your home paper which is ready at all times to defend the rights of the people of Skidmore and vicinity.  Subscribe For your home paper, The Standard.
From the January 22, 1904 Skidmore Standard, page 1.

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