Irma Floy Loucks’ Ninth Birthday

Birthday news from the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), March 15, 1923, page 1, of course:

Birthday Party.

A number of young girls and boys attended the birthday party of Irma Floy Loucks at the home of her parents Saturday afternoon, it being Irma Floy’s ninth birthday.

A very enjoyable afternoon was spent in playing games, but the real fun came when a camp fire was built and they were allowed to boil eggs and fry sausage.

Those present were: Eva Iddings, Lorraine and Wilson Metcalf, Stoey Williams, Raymond Loucks, Winnifred Welling and the following girls hiked from town: Louise Hoblitzell, Katherine Gray, Anna Lee Money, Mary Esther Loucks, Velma Loucks and Virginia Miller.

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