Inglorious Defeat

From the August 4, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Bilby Cowboys and Skidmore Nine Play Ball

Skidmore base ball honors were wrested from her in the game Wednesday afternoon by Bilby’s cowboys.  It was the first time in all her history that she witnessed the inglorious defeat of her home team.  The cowboys’ batting was what did the work.  The fielding work of the two teams was about equal but when it came to bat the Skidmore boys were clearly outclassed.  Seven innings were played and the score stood 19 to 8 in favor of the cowboys.

Curtis Burnam was badly wounded on the left foot by stepping on the spiked shoe of Bilby’s first baseman in the third inning.

Ed. Bilby and Prof. H. G. Davis umpired the game.

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