Improvement Association Works – Catches the Standard

Up until the May 25, 1900 edition, the Skidmore Standard was definitely a fan of the newly-formed Skidmore Improvement Association, a group of ladies dedicated to beautifying and improving their town. The Standard may have started to ponder the cost of that support, just a bit, as seen on page 3:

Improvement Association Working.

There was never a better move made in Skidmore than the one of organizing The Improvement Association and giving it over to the management of the ladies of our town. From the first they took an active interest in the movement and are maintaining it, thereby doing an immense amount of good. At specified times, a committee of three ladies makes a round of the town noting the condition of streets, alleys, fences, lawns, etc., and what ought to be done by the Association.

This week, the old hitch racks are being repaired and new racks built. Tomorrow there will be more hitch racks in Skidmore than the farmers ever found here before and it is all due to the ladies.

Monday afternoon while the Standard man was sitting in the office chair in the private sanctum sanctorum of the Standard office, leisurely perusing “publick occurrences that are making history,” his attention was detracted by the sound of ladies’ voices at the corner of the office. “Oh my! look a this dirty alley,” said one. “Isn’t it awful!” put in another, “Why don’t they clean it up?” queried a third. Right there, the history making publick occurrences were laid aside for it was the committee of the Improvement Association and the ladies were talking about the alley which is near the print shop. We had to confess that it was our wood pile which partly obstructed the alley, but otherwise we had nothing to do with the trash they saw. That wood pile is moved now and the next time the ladies visit this corner they will find the print shop’s part of the alley clean.

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